Why Should I Study TiEEdu Notes?
Why Not Book?

Well, this a very interesting question. You know, generally a book covers syllabus of all the engineering colleges in India to augment the sale of the book. In other words, books are not focused according to AKTU Examinations. So you have to put extra efforts to make notes from the book so as to make it useful for your purpose. In this process you waste your precious time.
Novelty of our study material is that it is focused. Focused on AKTU Examinations. And we stay focused on it. We do not chase any other area. That is why our TiEEdu Notes are better than books as far as AKTU examinations are concerned.
Best part of our study material is that it is updated every semester which is not common for most of the available books.

Would I Face Any Difficulty Studying Your TiEEdu Notes By Myself?

Our notes are meant for self study. And are designed for those AKTU engineering students who are willing to study on their own. Our study materials make this quite easy to do. It is almost impossible that you face any difficulty in understanding any topic.
Here are the reasons:
Lessons do not use language that is unclear or confusing. Notes are written in simple English, easy to understand. They convey ideas from instructor’s mind to your mind quickly, easily and accurately. Topics of the lessons are well planned and well organized lessons do not tell you things in a hurry or leave you wondering what they mean.
They explain everything slowly and patiently, the lessons anticipate the sort of difficulties you may run into while learning from them, and sort of queries and questions you may like to get answered. The lessons deal with these difficulties, and answer all these queries and questions thoroughly and completely.

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Donot deprive your learning experience from our EdTech solutions. From breakthrough hardware to time-honored software, we are commited to education technology products and solutions that transform the lives of budding engineering students. Enjoy your personalized ways of learning through technology in the classroom with us.

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